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Jérémie Gaffarel

Hi there, I am Jérémie Gaffarel

Welcome on my website. Here is a sneak peek of who I am!
I am passionate about Computer Science, Engineering and Space Systems.
That is why I always loved tinkering websites, software and even electronic systems.
Also, that is why I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology.
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Jérémie Gaffarel websitesCanSat - Jérémie Gaffarel electronic projectOpen Crawl source code - Jérémie Gaffarel software

Overview of the websites, software and electronic system I created

2017: VOP Industry, an artist's projects website
2015: renseign.com, first personal website
2013: CP de Pitouille2, tips and tricks for Club Penguin

Electronic system:
2016: ESA CanSat, creation of a micro-satellite transmitting real-time data of multiple sensors, as well as measurements of a physical simulation of the human inner ear.
2014-2020: GitHub, creation of multiple analysis and designing tools, in Python and C#


TU Delft - Jérémie Gaffarel rocket projectTU Delft - Jérémie Gaffarel aircraft project

Student at TU Delft, faculty of Aerospace Engineering

I have started my Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 2017, and my Master in Space Flight in 2020.
Throughout my Bachelor, I have learned about Propulsion, Orbital Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Structures, Dynamic systems, Numerical Analysis, Instrumentation, and many more Engineering subjects.
During my third year, I followed a minor program in Computer Science, to deepen my knowledge in this field in a more academic way.
Last but certainly not least, I had the opportunity to work in team, with other students of my faculty on multiple projects. These include the preliminary design of an intermediate size jet aircraft, the in-depth design of a wingbox, and the research on noise in Bluetooth communication between drones.
As a Bachelor thesis project, I worked on the phase B design of a reusable rocket to transport crew between Mars surface and its low orbit. More specifically, I was in charge of the system integration, the abort system, and the life support. An article about this work can be read here.


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